What i learned this week

This week I learned that the atmosphere protects us from many deadly rays. The magnetic sphere protects us from solar winds that could just blow away our entire atmosphere. These rays have several types, some of them make it through. The ones that make it through is visible light,  UVA rays, and UVE rays. This is some of the stuff that i learned this week.

Audit of this blog

I have 14 posts.

6 of the posts were school based and 7 were blog challengs.

I got one comment from the teacher once.

I think the rock story got the most comments (not counting self) because the teacher needed to tell me if i did good on it or not.

The 3D project post was my favorite because it showed something that i had to do over the computer that actual was alot of fun.

I never changed the theme at all.

I have only 6 widgets I don’t think I have enough I could use some more.

I have 0 overseas students on my blog roll.

My Most Favorite Thing In The World To Do

                 My most favorite thing in the world to do is to spend time with my family. I love doing family activities. It doesn’t have to be with my whole family, it can be with just me and my brother, father , step mom, mom, ext. We can do any thing together. I love just being with them.Let me explain some thing that me and my family does together.

                 One of the things that is my favorite to do with a family member is that I like to work with my father on his  motorcycles and cars. We change the oil on the motorcycles and cars. It is hard work but i love just being with my father. We also add or fix things  on the motorcycle, cars, and the house.This is one of the things that I like to do with a family member.

                 One more of the things that is my favorite to do with my family is that we have family movie night. Almost every weekend we have the movie night. When movie night starts my step mom makes popcorn with our theater popcorn maker. Then I put the movie in the DVD player. Finally we all lean back on our couches and eat the delicious popcorn. I love seeing my family be together. This is my favorite thing in the world to do.


I am always surprised by the time and creativity that Jonny shows on his projects. I love the pencil and candles he created, they look so real. His stories and imagination are wonderful. He must take after his step mom, lol. I also thought the 3d earth and the layers of the earth project he worked on. I am so proud of him , as is his dad

                        by  Lisa Deates

super hero named juice

Once upon a time there was a man named juice and he had super powers. One of his superpowers was that he could create water. He creates water with his mind, all he has to do is to think about how much water he wants to create.

The only problem is that it takes alot out of him to create just a small glass of purified water. He also cant just fly around.Therefore, he has to take a bus, airplane, taxi, or some other type of vertical to get around the world.

He tries everyday to end world thirst. Right now he has given over a million people clean, purified water. He is still out there today, so if you ever meet him be sure to give him a thanks.

Seismic Waves Lab

From this lab I have learned a lot about what a seismic wave is and how it works. First there are two types of Seismic waves: S waves and P waves. The waves are  types of earthquakes. The s wave can only travel through solids and the p wave travels through solids and liquid. When p waves pass through liquids they go slower than if they were to pass trough a solid. Therefore, when you use a s and p wave you could get a clear visual of what the Earth’s interior looks like. This is some of  the stuff that I had learned and found out about seismic waves.

Using the the s and p waves in the lab i had found out what the interior is solid or liquid. When the p wave was sent through the Earth it had several changes do to the Earth being a solid and a liquid. As it passed through the Mantle it did not change. When it reached the Outer Core it part of it had slown down. Then as it passed through the Inner Core, part of the part that was slown down had spond up because it had hit a solid. So the Earth is a solid, liquid, and then another solid. This I what I had found out about the Earth’s interior.